Why You Need To Strip And Wax Your Floors

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Are floors in your home or business starting to look dull and lifeless? It’s probably because you haven’t stripped and waxed them in a while. Merely waxing a floor will bring it back to life, but it’s also important to strip your floors of wax completely and then wax them again to make them look their absolute best. It ensures that your floor is maintained and in top-notch shape. As experts in the field, we at Bestway Janitorial Services Inc have written down the importance of why you need to strip and wax your floors.   

Over time, the wax on your floors can gradually wear down from people walking over it. You might not necessarily notice it, but it will leave your floor susceptible to scratching. Bare floors can actually scratch rather easily, and if they do, you will need to repair them before applying wax again. Rather than doing this, you should get into the habit of stripping and waxing floors prior to them wearing down.

Stripping and waxing is the process of removing old layers of wax and dirt, restoring the floors to a like-new appearance and protecting it from future damage. Doing so eliminates moisture, removes dust and protects it from scratches. Many people, however, do not know when they are supposed to strip and wax their floors. 

A strip and wax should be performed at least once a year if no periodic scrub and recoat have been performed during the year. One of the main reasons you should avoid the DIY route for floor stripping, waxing or adding other coatings is because every floor is vastly different. There are numerous materials used for specific floor types and situations that are unknown to the average person.

Using the wrong one can be detrimental, causing unnecessary and extensive damage. Also, floor stripping and waxing materials tend to be messy as they react differently to varying substances. Even subtle aspects like the temperature of the water you are using can substantially affect the results. That’s why it is best to leave such jobs to seasoned commercial floor cleaning service providers.

Before hiring a professional company, you need to ask about their service process and check against the industry best practice standards online. Prices vary based on square feet and the existing floor quality level.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning and maintenance company then reach out to us at Bestway Janitorial Services Inc. Over the course of our history, we’ve acquired extensive expertise from serving diverse businesses to industrial warehouses.

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