Welcome to Bestway Janitorial Services Inc, your trusted provider of Floor Buffing, Burnishing & Polishing services in Mississauga. We understand that even with regular cleaning, floors can lose their shine and develop scuffs, scratches, and marks over time. That's why we offer specialized techniques such as floor buffing and burnishing to renew the shine and gloss of your floors.

Even with regular cleaning floors tend to lose shine over time and acquire various scuffs, scratches and marks. BestWay has several techniques for floor polishing depending on the need and nature of the flooring. Buffing or burnishing are types of deep cleans we offer for floors that are important to renew shine and gloss. Our professional cleaners are trained in operating cutting-edge machines and have expert knowledge about the type of chemicals that are both safe and optimal for sprucing up your floors.

  • Burnishing and buffing are two techniques that restore the sparkle of numerous types of flooring, like tile, marble, and hardwood floors. While both burnishing and buffing are performed to get shiny floors, the two various techniques generate different results from the usage of two various electrical appliances.
    • Floor buffing utilizes a buffer to polish flooring. While the flooring ought to be cleaned before buffing, its squeegees in the back assist in gathering any moisture and dirt left behind. Buffing may be performed at high or low speeds. While buffing restores some smoothness and gloss to flooring, it doesn’t accomplish the same wet-look gloss burnishing will.
    • While buffing might refer to both the residual cleaning and polishing of floors, burnishing only refers to polishing the flooring at a greater speed to generate optimal shine. The additional polish is due to a burnisher’s higher speed. Burnishing often is performed after buffing to accomplish that wet-look gloss.

Floor Buffing Mississauga: Restoring the Beauty of Your Floors

At Bestway Janitorial Services Inc, we have a team of professional cleaners trained in operating cutting-edge machines and utilizing the optimal chemicals for floor buffing. Our floor buffing technique involves using a buffer to polish various types of flooring, including tile, marble, and hardwood floors. Before buffing, we ensure thorough cleaning to remove any moisture and dirt. Buffing can be performed at different speeds, depending on the specific needs of your floors. While floor buffing restores smoothness and gloss to your floors, it doesn't achieve the same wet-look gloss as burnishing. Buffing is an effective method for bringing back some shine and revitalizing the appearance of your floors.

Floor Buffing, Burnishing & Polishing

Commercial Floor Buffer: Achieving Optimal Shine

For floors that require an enhanced level of shine and gloss, we offer burnishing services using a commercial floor buffer. Burnishing is a high-speed polishing technique performed after buffing to achieve that desirable wet-look gloss. Our experienced team operates the burnisher at higher speeds, generating optimal shine and enhancing the overall appearance of your floors.

Grout Cleaning Mississauga: Renewing the Freshness of Your Grout

Floor Polishing: Renewing the Brilliance In addition to buffing and burnishing, we provide floor polishing services to restore the brilliance of your floors. Our team utilizes industry-leading techniques and high-quality products to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting polish. Floor polishing helps to eliminate minor imperfections, enhances the durability of your floors, and leaves them looking stunning.

What is the difference between buffing, burnishing, and polishing a floor?

Buffing involves using a buffer to polish the floor and restore some smoothness and gloss. Burnishing is a high-speed technique performed after buffing to achieve a wet-look gloss. Polishing is a process that aims to renew the brilliance of the floor and eliminate minor imperfections.

Buffing, burnishing, and polishing are all techniques used to clean and maintain hard surface floors, but they are not the same thing.

  • Buffing is the process of using a floor buffer, which is a heavy-duty machine with a rotating brush or pad, to clean and polish a floor. It is used to remove dirt, scuffs, and stains from the floor surface and to restore shine to the floor. Buffing is typically done before burnishing.

  • Burnishing is the process of using a high-speed floor buffer or burnisher, which is a machine with a rotating pad that spins at a high speed, to polish a floor. It is used to create a high-gloss shine on the floor surface. Burnishing is typically done after buffing.

  • Polishing is the process of creating a high-gloss finish on a floor surface. It can be done by using a machine that has a rotating pad or by using a hand-held polisher. Polishing is similar to burnishing, but it is typically used for floors that are in good condition and only require a glossy finish.

How often should you burnish a floor?

The frequency of burnishing depends on factors such as foot traffic and the desired level of shine. In high-traffic areas, burnishing may be required more frequently, while less frequented areas may need burnishing less often. Our experts can assess your specific needs and recommend an appropriate burnishing schedule.

For high-traffic areas, such as entryways, hallways, and lobbies, it may be necessary to have the floor professionally burnished once a month. For areas with moderate foot traffic, such as private offices and conference rooms, it may be sufficient to have the floor professionally burnished once every two months.
It's important to note that different types of flooring have different requirements for maintenance. For example, ceramic tile, concrete or terrazzo floors may require less frequent burnishing than VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) or carpet.

Does buffing a floor remove scratches?

Buffing can help minimize the appearance of superficial scratches and scuffs on the floor's surface. However, deep scratches may require additional treatments or repairs. Our team can evaluate the condition of your floors and provide suitable solutions for scratch removal.

Buffing a floor can help to remove light scratches on the surface of the flooring in commercial settings, but it may not completely remove deep or severe scratches.
The process of buffing uses a rotating brush or pad to agitate the surface of the floor, which helps to remove dirt, scuffs, and stains. As the brush or pad rotates, it also polishes the surface of the floor, which can help to reduce the appearance of light scratches. However, if the scratches are deep or severe, buffing may not be enough to remove them entirely. Deep or severe scratches may require a more aggressive process such as diamond grinding or sanding to remove them. Additionally, if the scratches are on the surface of the floor, they can also be filled with a filler or an epoxy coating.
It's important to note that the frequency of buffing will depend on the level of foot traffic and the environment. In high-traffic areas of a commercial building, it may be necessary to buff the floor more frequently to keep the floor looking its best. Additionally, in areas where heavy equipment is used, such as warehouses or industrial settings, the floor will require more frequent buffing to remove scratches and keep it looking good.

Floor Buffing, Burnishing & Polishing

What does burnishing do to a floor?

Burnishing is a high-speed polishing technique that generates optimal shine and enhances the overall appearance of the floor. It creates a wet-look gloss that adds depth and vibrancy to the floor's surface.

Burnishing a floor is a process of using a high-speed floor buffer or burnisher, which is a machine with a rotating pad that spins at a high speed, to polish a floor. The main purpose of burnishing is to create a high-gloss shine on the floor surface. Burnishing works by applying friction and heat to the floor surface which causes the surface to become smooth and shiny. The high-speed rotation of the burnishing pad and the weight of the machine help to create the desired shine. Burnishing can also help to harden the surface of the floor, making it more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and wear. Additionally, it can help to level out the surface of the floor, filling in small scratches and scuffs and creating a smoother surface.

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