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Every industry has its own language and terms. These words and phrases can be confusing to anyone who is not part of the daily operations of a specific sector, and the janitorial business is no exception.

To help you understand the terms, acronyms, and phrases regularly used in the janitorial industry, Bestway Janitorial Services Inc. has created this handy reference guide. Here you’ll find valuable information allowing you to comprehend and communicate your janitorial needs effectively.

Buffing: It refers to polishing a surface with a pad or brush. 

Build Up: It relates to floor buffering and is a term used to describe a situation caused by adding layers of floor wax over an un-scrubbed floor. The build-up can become problematic if the old layers don’t get scrubbed out beforehand. 

Burnishing: It’s a method of maintenance that typically refers to using a machine with a high RPM to buff and polish a floor through friction. This process includes using gloss and teaming it with the heat from the buffing friction to create a gloss finish. 

Cleanser: It’s a liquid or powdered cleaning product made up of surfactants, bleach, and abrasives. 

Clouding: It refers to a situation when residue from a previous cleaning has not been removed correctly. If left overly wet, carpet fiber will start to take on a cloudy appearance. 

Damp Mopping: It’s a method of maintenance using a wrung-out wet mop, previously dampened with either a cleaning solution or water. It eliminates light soiling from floors and other surfaces. 

Degreaser: A specific cleaning product that removes oils and grease from hard surfaces. 

Dry Stripping: It’s a type of maintenance technique used to remove a floor’s finish using a commercial floor machine, a stripping solution, and a stripping pad. 

Dust Mopping: It’s a method of maintenance used to eliminate dust from surfaces through a dry mop. 

Floor Finish: It’s a specific kind of coating or film that protects against abrasions on a surface. It also enhances the surface’s overall appearance. 

Floor Polish: It’s a temporary film designed to enhance and protect the overall appearance of a floor. 

Floor Sealer: It’s a coating applied to a surface directly before a floor finishing coat is applied. Floor sealers get designed to promote higher levels of adhesion to the floor of a finished coat. Fewer finish coats are necessary as less product is absorbed into the floor, resulting in a more uniform appearance. 

Pre-Spotting: It’s a pre-treatment cleaning method. It gets used to remove stubborn stains and for pre-treating certain high foot-traffic areas. 

Wax: It’s a low melting compound with high molecular weight and composition like most fats and oils. 

Scuff: Damage to a polish film caused by the frictional heat and mechanical action from a high-speed impact of the shoe material. 

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