Does buffing a floor remove scratches?

Author: Mock Webware |

Buffing a floor can help to remove light scratches on the surface of the flooring in commercial settings, but it may not completely remove deep or severe scratches.
The process of buffing uses a rotating brush or pad to agitate the surface of the floor, which helps to remove dirt, scuffs, and stains. As the brush or pad rotates, it also polishes the surface of the floor, which can help to reduce the appearance of light scratches. However, if the scratches are deep or severe, buffing may not be enough to remove them entirely. Deep or severe scratches may require a more aggressive process such as diamond grinding or sanding to remove them. Additionally, if the scratches are on the surface of the floor, they can also be filled with a filler or an epoxy coating.
It's important to note that the frequency of buffing will depend on the level of foot traffic and the environment. In high-traffic areas of a commercial building, it may be necessary to buff the floor more frequently to keep the floor looking its best. Additionally, in areas where heavy equipment is used, such as warehouses or industrial settings, the floor will require more frequent buffing to remove scratches and keep it looking good.


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