What is high dusting?

Author: Mock Webware |

High dusting is a cleaning technique used to remove dust and debris from high and hard-to-reach areas such as ceilings, light fixtures, and HVAC ducts. These areas can accumulate dust over time and can be difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods such as vacuuming and dusting.
High dusting typically involves using specialized equipment such as extension poles, scaffolding, or lift equipment to access these areas. The process often starts by using a HEPA-filtered vacuum cleaner to remove as much dust as possible, followed by the use of microfiber cloths, or special dusting tools such as static duster, or a soft-bristled brush to remove the remaining dust.
High dusting is an important aspect of post-construction cleaning, as well as regular maintenance of commercial and industrial buildings. It's also important in ensuring the safety and health of the building occupants as dust and debris can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. High dusting is also crucial in preventing the accumulation of dust which can lead to fire hazards and damage to the mechanical systems.


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