What is the best way to strip a floor?

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Stripping a floor involves the removal of old wax, dirt, and grime from a floor surface. The best way to strip a floor depends on the type of flooring and the condition of the existing wax. Here are some general steps for stripping a floor:

  1. Preparation: Remove all furniture and debris from the room and protect any surrounding areas from overspray.
  2. Application: Apply a chemical stripper to the floor according to the manufacturer's instructions. Allow the stripper to sit on the floor for the recommended amount of time.
  3. Agitation: Use a rotary or cylindrical machine equipped with a stripping pad to agitate the stripper. This will help to break down the old wax and remove it from the surface.
  4. Removal: Use a wet-dry vacuum or a mop and bucket to remove the stripper and the old wax from the floor.
  5. Rinsing: Rinse the floor thoroughly with clean water to remove any remaining stripper and old wax.
  6. Neutralization: Neutralize the floor with a neutralizing solution to restore the pH balance of the floor and to prepare it for the next step of the process.


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